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A powerful symphony, visually imagined as a Porsche 911 GT3R 2016 


About me

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My name is Nemkai and i'm a music producer from the Netherlands. I merge electronic music with my passion for video games, resulting in high-energy tracks to listen or game to.

Ever since i was young i had a passion for two things: music and gaming. I've grown up with playing on Nintendo consoles and playing keyboard. One day my told me about music producing and since that moment i've started to make my own productions. I started with house and tried several other styles. The reason i love making electro music is because it got that energy and rythm that goes really well with gaming; and that's exactly the other thing that i love to do.

Origin of artist alias:

a combination of my little brother's name and mine, which we used as our first game username

Main inspiration: 

Monstercat, rocket league, Nintendo

Favourite snack:


Hobbies besides music:

Gaming, cycling, partying


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